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“Yen brings a unique aesthetic to everything he designs. Simple lines, amazing use of negative space. Clean. Classy. His work elevates every project he works on to an entirely new level.” – CLAY LIFORD


“Yen has an uncanny ability to evoke the spirit of whatever it is you need him to advertise or promote with simple, elegant but always provocative imagery. His talent consistently knocks me out and his work ethic humbles me.” –  BRYAN POYSER


“Yen Tan’s work speaks for itself. How to describe it? You see it, and you can’t look away. You want to look closer. There is something there. A beautiful essence. That is how I felt when I first came across his work online. Like I’d seen something unique and rare. Something in the great tradition of Saul Bass that reminded of the power a great poster can have.” – SIMÃO CAYETTE


“Yen Tan is not only an extraordinarily gifted filmmaker, but he also has a tremendous eye for seeing other people’s visions clearly in his posters. His designs are captivating. Magical. Elegant. Ethereal. The colors, fonts, lines, and images are bold and beautiful. His posters have an unspoken power for the way they draw you in.” – LAUREN WOLKSTEIN


“Yen not only creates a great design; he creates a design that perfectly captures the spirit of the film.” –  DAVID LOWERY


“Yen has a real knack of understanding what you are going for and translating that into an image. Besides being incredibly talented, he is also easy to work with.” – HEATHER COURTNEY


“One of the very best narrative features at Sundance this year.”



“It's a movie of considered silences and deliberate pacing, superbly acted and surprising in its cumulative power.” – SCOTT FOUNDAS, VILLAGE VOICE


“The best American queer film of the year.” – DANIEL WALBER, FILM.COM


“Has a sincerity that creeps up on you and will linger in your mind long after the credits roll.” – PETER KNEGT, INDIEWIRE


“Highly recommended. If you wished Brokeback Mountain had ended happier, here's your movie.” – JIM RIDLEY, NASHVILLE SCENE


“A film of formidable emotional resonance. Excels in instances of extraordinary empathy.” – RONAN DOYLE, NEXT PROJECTION



“Every moment, every word, every gesture, every camera movement, every cut is entirely authentic and strikes precisely the correct chord.”



“A reminder that the best shorts have the power to leave as lasting an impression as a feature—as long as they’re realized as beautifully as this.” – MICHAEL TULLY, HAMMER TO NAIL


"That rarest of beasts, effortless moving in such a concise amount of time.” – STEPHEN SAITO, THE MOVEABLE FEST